Why McLean Mortgage Corporation?


McLean Mortgage has developed a culture described with two words: helping and teamwork.  We work as a team to help our client through every step of the loan process, so they can achieve their goals with minimal stress.

Strength, price, technology, choices and service.  It is now wonder that McLean Mortgage has grown to be a top lender nationally.  All the while, we keep sight of the fact that we are serving those who live within our local communicates.  Our goal is not to become the biggest, but to be recognized as a trusted partner and provider of quality services within our community.


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McLean Mortgage is a strong financial institution with local roots. We are a debt free company, and our strong net-worth has led us to be approved for lending with the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Fannie Mae., Freddie Mac - as well as a significant list of national financial institutions. Our strength enables us to invest the resources necessary to provide competitive products with great service.


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As a lender, McLean Mortgage controls the entire process. Each loan is originated through an experienced loan officer working out of a local office. As a consumer, you have the choice of meeting with a McLean Mortgage loan officer face-to-face, talking on the phone or working completely online. From there, we continue to control the process, including loan approval and closing. This results in a smoother loan process for you, because the loan is not handed off from company-to-company to the complete the process. .

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Even though we are a strong lender that controls the process, McLean Mortgage is not owned by a bank. Banks are burdened with red tape that can slow the process and make it unwieldy. Banks also sell credit cards, insurance, car loans, checking accounts and a host of other process. Our focus is within one area - mortgages. That means we can devote all of our resources to making sure our customers are satisfied as they work with our mortgage experts.


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McLean Mortgage's financial strength gives us the ability to provide a wide range of mortgage products at very competitive prices. Most importantly, because we are not owned by a bank, we are not limited to one source of products or pricing. At McLean Mortgage, you actually get the best of both worlds; we are a lender that controls the process, yet we can shop several sources to get the best deal for you. Banks are too big and mortgage brokers can 't control the process. Local, independent and strong - we are the right fit for you.